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Scott Schardan joins the Real Estate team at Cisler Real Estate. Dave Cisler, Managing Broker, is excited to work with Scott in pursuing his real estate career. Scott, a former veteran serving in Afghanistan, has completed his education and training to become Cisler & Associates newest broker.

When asking Scott to describe his values and ambitions, Scott writes:

Small town work ethic with a big heart. From the cornfields of Illinois to the desert battlefield of Afghanistan, putting othersí needs before personal gain to accomplish a mission isnít just something to say, itís how I live everyday. Loyalty to family and community, duty to self and others, respect for those around me, selfless service to others, honor to myself and my values, integrity to always do the right thing, and personal courage to face every challenge along the way. These are elements of myself that were instilled in our small community and refined through military service. Working selflessly, thereís little that a team of highly motivated individuals canít achieve. Let us achieve these goals together!

Call or text Scott at 217-473-0893 and email at for him to assist you in selling your home and buying your dream home.


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