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Sue Pirok
Million Dollar Producer & Property Mgr.
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Sue's 20+ years of experience, traveling experience, and caring for her variety of animals gives her the wide based knowledge that has proven effective in helping all of her clients.

With a passion to help others, Sue easily puts her clients and renters first. It also helps that she has over 20 years of experience! Before real estate, she was buying and selling investment properties, but managing and re-selling property got to be redundant.

Sue decided to take the next step with her properties and earned her realtor license over 15 years ago. So now, she not only lists and sells property, but she also holds the title of Property Manager for Cisler & Associates rentals, along with her own personal rentals. For Cisler alone, she easily manages over 80 properties.

To add to her real estate and property experience, Sue is an active traveler with her daughter. In August of 2018, the two traveled to Africa! With Sue's worldly experiences, she can see differences in the markets quickly and guide her clients in the right direction of the ever changing market.

To talk with Sue about rentals or real estate, you can call or text her at 618-303-4451, and you can email her at


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