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Sharon Notter
Million Dollar Producer
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Sharon Notter is a realtor full of energy and spirit of readiness to meet your real estate needs since 2004. There has never been a day in her years as a realtor she hasn't enjoyed her profession.

Sharon was born in Macoupin County and has lived in the area most of her life. She worked in the private industry as an accounting professional with over 25 years management and administrative experience in all financial functions including fiscal and cost reporting, contract proposal preparation, negotiation and management.

Her ability to listen attentively to clients' needs and desires is one of her major strengths as well as real estate counseling. She welcomes each day as a gift and views helping clients as a pleasure.

She lives outside of Greenville, IL, on her farm with horses, chickens, dogs & cats.

You can contact Sharon by phone or text at 618-410-6173, or by email at


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