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Sheila Hayes
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Excellent customer skills along with real estate experience in the Madison/Macoupin County area - living in the region all her life, Sheila "Sammie" Hayes calls this area "HOME".

Sheila "Sammie" Hayes, former owner of "Sammie's Prairie Inn", has excellent customer skills to bring to the real estate table. She has been in the industry with experience in the Edwardsville market and selling homes in the Madison/Macoupin County area.

Living in the region all her life, Sammie calls this area "HOME". She transferred her license to the Cisler & Associates Real Estate team to enhance her real estate skills through technology, 3-D Imaging, advanced marketing, and commitment to the areas served.

Sammie is ready to help you with your real estate needs! You can reach Sammie at 618-414-8804 or at

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