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Jamie Solt, a long time resident of the Midwest, has become a licensed Real Estate Broker! Becoming a Realtor has been a dream of mine for many years! Jamie says. She is excited to start assisting her clients and accomplishing their dreams of becoming homeowners.

Jamie was born and raised in the St. Clair/Madison County area, so she has a vast knowledge of many different communities in the Midwest. Later in her life, she attended Hickey College which was well known for being a Business School. While there, Jamie learned the ins and outs of accounting and received certifications with an emphasis in accounting. Jamie was immediately hired by Sodexo, which is the largest food service company in the world, after attending Hickey College. She has also worked as the accountant for many other reputable companies, such as Gateway International RaceWay, Payne Family Homes, and Express Employment.

After finishing school, Jamie juggled being a full time accountant and mom to 2 young boys. Tyler and Chris both graduated from Staunton High School and both were active athletes in multiple sports. Over the past few years, Jamie has been there for both of her boys while they went through the home buying process. While watching their agent, Mike Mihelcic of Cisler Real Estate, Jamie knew this was what she wanted to do as a career.

With Mike's assistance, she was able to pass her tests almost instantly. Jamie is now ready to assist you in all your real estate needs! Let me know how I may assist you in finding your dream home or with your property listings, whether it be in St. Clair, Madison, or Macoupin Counties!


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