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David A. Cisler
Managing Broker, Appraiser
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One of Dave's mentor's in life is his Grandfather - His common phrase was "Land... they are not making any more of it!" From this, Dave knew that Real Estate was his calling and passion - and man, was his intuition correct!

In August 1987, David Cisler entered into his first year of college at SIU Edwardsville to pursue a degree in accounting with a minor in marketing with an emphasis in Management Information Systems. Things were not as easy as you may believe it to be for Dave to get to that milestone in his life. In order to go to college, he had to work a variety of jobs to pay for school, along with other bills and expenses.

With Dave being who he is, he easily persevered and earned his degree shortly after organizing Cisler & Associates Real Estate, Inc. Even at the beginning, he had a strong foundation from his childhood experiences with real estate and recruiting smart and intelligent people to help him start the business nearly from the ground up. That foundation is one of the main reasons Dave and Cisler & Associates Real Estate, Inc. are successful in today's market.

Dave may "live, breath, and sleep real estate", but he also takes pride and joy in the work he does for his community. He, his wife Susan, and his family are active members in the local Boy Scout Troop 34, with Dave as its current Scoutmaster. Two of his sons are Eagle Scouts while the third is on his way to his Eagle. He also enjoys being a member of the Staunton Chamber of Commerce, Coal Country Chamber of Commerce, Litchfield Chamber of Commerce and works directly with the Greater Gateway Association of Realtors.

It's safe to say that David Cisler has nothing but the best intentions for you and your family when it comes to just about anything in life. The possibilities are endless if you have Dave helping you.

You can call or text him at 618-781-1745 and email him at


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