by Joseph Cisler
Life Scout - Troop 34
My Eagle Scout Project
Staunton City Clock Restoration
Main Street - Staunton, IL
You Can Purchase Your Own Personalized Engraved Brick for the Clock Tower
[ download brick form here ]
or by Monetary Donations for Materials in Restoration
About My Project:
My father, Dave Cisler, was the Mayor-appointed Chairman to restore the old clock in 2001. I want to continue with his project and enhance it. I want to get the clock looking as good as it did back then, and let people know the history of the Staunton National Bank clock.
Details of My Project
  • Install LED Lighting
  • Replace Upper Deteriorating Panels
  • Update the Landscaping around the Clock Tower
  • Refurbish Old Inner Clock Workings
  • Present a Plaque of the History of the Clock
  • Design and Display a Mural of the Old Clock
Any Donations Would Be GREATLY Appreciated
Please Make Checks Payable to:
Boy Scout Troop 34

Boy Scout Troop 34
% Joseph Cisler
229 W. Main Street
Staunton, IL 62088
Phone: 618-505-4800
History of the Clock:
Staunton National Bank

The first city clock was hung on the corner of Main and Elm Street on the Staunton National Bank building on February 3rd, 1921. The Bank's main purpose for the clock was to show accurate time so the townspeople did not have to rely on the mine whistles and the interurban (ITS Railroad).

The clock itself had amazing and distinctive features for its time. Designed by Mr. McClintock, the inner clockworks and the outside clock were built phenomenally and had an unusual and artistic appearance. It also had a full set of Westminster chimes that chimed on the hour and quarter hours. The makers of the clock hoped it would have a message for young students on their way to school and the businessmen who were hustling through the streets.

But as time went by (see what I did there?), the clock would often lose its accurate time, and show different times on its faces. On June 30, 1999, the old clock was replaced by a digital clock with accurate time and temperature. The townspeople were upset about the replacement. The clock to them was a sentimental and beautiful piece of history. A newspaper author wrote, But like a mother viewing her son's dirty face, we thought it was beautiful!

So in January of 2001, a group of concerned citizens started a committee to restore the clock. They moved the clock to a better storage location, since it was buried in snow and dirt, and started fundraising. The committee raised $52,000 to repair and display the clock. Working through many challenges, the crew successfully restored the clock to an even better state than before.

To this day, you can see the beautiful clock that has been admired by people for so many years.

Meet Joseph Cisler

Hi, my name is Joseph Cisler, and I am a Life Scout in Boy Scout Troop 34.

I attended Zion Lutheran School since I was three years old until I graduated in 2018.

I am currently a Sophomore at Staunton High School. I am in the Band, on the Golf, Scholastic Bowl and Track teams, in the Student Council and FFA, and a Class Officer.

I've lived in Staunton all of my life, and want to help make my community even better for all the things it's done for me.

So please help me restore a piece of Staunton history - The Old Clock!

You Can Purchase Your Own Personalized Engraved Brick for the Clock Tower! Download the form below for your personalized, engraved brick for the Historic Staunton Clock:

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