by Jonathan Daugherty
Life Scout - Troop 34
My Eagle Scout Project
City Hall Bandstand New LED Lighting
City Hall Bandstand
Monetary donations for materials needed for my project.
About My Project:
I plan to convert the band stand into a nicer place for the performers, the people watching, and the community around it by adding 6 new LED lights that will be better than the old lights that flicker. Building a permanent sound system that will be able to be used in a flick of a switch. Scraping the ceiling and adding a fresh coat of paint to the ceiling and the white safety lines.
Details of My Project
  1. Replacement Lighting: My plan for the lights is for an electrician to install 6 surface mounted edge-lit LED panel lights. When in use, each fixture produces approximately 7900 lumens of light and consumes 72 watts of electricity.
  2. Fresh Paint: After the old lights are removed and before the new lights are put up, a painter will paint the ceiling with two coats. I will ask the Scouts to help repaint accessible doors and the concrete.
  3. Audio: Mount four sets of low profile outdoor external speakers to the ceiling and run the associated wiring to the rear room of the bandstand for connection to the output of the amplifier. The Wireless Microphones and the associated receiver connect to the input of the PA system amplifier in the bandstand room.
The Staunton Community Band Performing on Memorial Day
I chose these type of speakers because they have a wonderful overall quality and an amazing rating.
I believe that this kind of lighting will be a 100% improvement over what the lighting that resides at the bandstand now
Any Donations Would Be GREATLY Appreciated
Please Make Checks Payable to:
Boy Scout Troop 34

Boy Scout Troop 34
% Jonathan Daugherty
229 W. Main Street
Staunton, IL 62088
Phone: 618-635-2244
Meet Jonathan Daugherty

My name is Jonathan Daugherty and I am a student at Staunton High School.

I am a member of the Staunton Community Band that plays on the bandstand that I will be repairing. I like to participate in many music festivals.

I am a Life Scout in Troop 34 working towards being an Eagle Scout.

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