Cisler & Associates Real Estate, Inc. Donates Prairietown 2022 Homecoming Parade Winnings to Benld Adopt-A-Pet

Cisler & Associates Real Estate is proud to donate its "Parade Winnings" to one of its favorite organizations - Adopt-A-Pet of Benld. How did this come about you ask? THE WORLD'S FAIR - Prairietown Homecoming is an event we all look forward to year round.

The Grand Parade on Saturday night brings together tons of people. Each year a parade theme is determined and floats are built around the theme. This year's 2022 event was all about "Lights - Camera - Prairietown". Judges determine which float takes home the honor of 1st, 2nd and 3rd place. It's a fun and friendly competition. A competition though that has some bragging rights. This year the Prairie Inn and Cisler & Associates Real Estate put a side competition together of who would beat the other. It was determined by the owners Ed Schuetz (Prairie Inn) and Dave Cisler (Cisler & Associates Real Estate) that the lower placed float would donate to the other's charities to be matched by the winning team. Cisler & Associates took home the 1st place and Prairie Inn the 2nd place.

[ View Video & Pictures From This Year's Event! ]

Dave and Ed are pleased to donate to the Adopt-A-Pet of Benld $200.00. We Appreciate all the hard work the Adopt-A-Pet Shelter does for their animals and know its a vital and very beneficial organization to have serving our communities!

Benld Adopt-A-Pet is located at 807 Stewart Rd., Benld Il.
Open daily from 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm.
To learn more about how you can help or find you special pet to share your life with, visit: Benld Adopt-A-Pet
"A voice for those who cannot speak for themselves", rescuing & adopting animals since 1983!"
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